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Mechanical taylor since 1919, Minganti has a long tradition in machine tools manufacturing. Traditional quality combined with advanced technologies, make of Minganti Machines the most innovative and reliable solutions for Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace industries.


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Machines and technologies to enhance your process

Having sold more than 600 machines to one of the most important bearings manufacturers worldwide, Minganti has acquired a unique experience in the processes related to the production of bearings.
Among our main customers are the major Automotive, Truck, Bearing and Aerospace Industry to whom Minganti has been supplying not only machines but also technologies to enhance their processes.
In the Automotive industry we have developed specific machines to produce inner and outer rings, both for soft and hard turning operations.
For Industrial bearings we have developed specific machines to produce SRB, TRB, CRB, DGBB, Slewing bearings, and others, all types produced both in soft and hard turning.
We have delivered Hard Turning machines and Processes to Specialty, High Precision and Aerospace sector.
During the last 20 years we have been very much focused on hard turning, developing machines and technologies to meet the high and higher demands of our customers, mainly in Finish Hard Turning process (FHaT).

We know that this process requires more stable and rigid vertical machines, high accuracy in positioning that we reach better with linear motors and high resolution glass scales; high precision spindles, and different clamping technologies / solutions.
By introducing more and more automation, and the so called "Intelligent Machining", which includes hardware and software development, Minganti provides unique solutions suitable for every kind of product.

Intelligent Machining


Generally but mainly for the Hard Turning process, Minganti has built an important knowledge in advanced industrial software, developing new CNC & IT solutions for more automatic and expert systems, either integrated or in the machine's close environment.
With the last developments in communication, electronics, IT, automation, artificial intelligence, etc. machines will become "mastermind machines" and the way of manufacturing will dramatically change in the future in terms of organization, including supervision of complete production lines like "drive and monitor your process with one finger".

Co-engineering with the Customer

Our philosophy is to offer to our customers "MORE THAN MACHINES". Minganti can adapt each development to specific requirements, target being always to reach the highest manufacturing productivity, efficiency and process capability, in cooperation with your technical team, delivering turn-key solutions.  


  • Before investment decision: we propose process tests with your parts or even machine prototyping, this step being considered as indispensable to validate machine design and process parameters, so profitability.
  • During machine manufacturing: full cooperation for follow up and validation tests
  • After delivery and installation: training and technical assistance until machines and process are fully stable and capable, including optimization plan
Cooperation Agreement with Kistler Group
We are pleased to announce that Minganti Global AB and Kistler Group have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at the joint development of process monitoring and control technology for hard turning ...
Preventive Maintenance Program

As you are well aware an efficient maintenance of machinery ensures highest availability and therefore maximum productivity and lowest costs.
To support its Customers Minganti Global is offering Preventive Maintenance inspections at advantageous rates.